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Flowers Transportation Tips

In the world flowers are given attraction more about specific features such as color, smell and unique patterns. Most places especially residential houses, and commercial centers are adorned with this natural delights to make them attractive. Flowers are demanded in many places, and sometimes they need to be transported internationally. Air transport may be considered for instance send flowers to Sweden. Click here for more various tips regarding the handling of the flowers till they reach the market as it will be discussed.

Ensure that your flowers are safe and disease-free. Flowers tend to be affected easily by fungal infections. Fungi majorly attack the bright colored petals. Ensure that you keep your flowers especially the fresh one from infection. This is because if they are infected their aesthetic value diminishes which leads to you losing the market for your product Ensure that you use fungal sprays and dips which are effective and can safely preserve the flowers intended to be send flowers to France for instance. You should view here for more on the availability of those fungicides that are effective and purchase them in a bid to help you safely deliver quality flowers.

Make an effort of knowing the temperature of your flowers. A clear relationship normally is available between the plant respiration, its temperature and consequent aging of the plant. Cut flowers undergo respiration which leads to a lot of heat production. Special packets are used to transport flowers. This poses a danger in the sense that the thermal energy remains within them. The rise in heat energy leads to a respiration rate increasing. It is of great importance that floral transporters look for cooling systems. This is in a bid to ensure that their aging is slower over long distances especially flowers send to International markets.

Constantly make the carbohydrate level of your flowers at the optimum level always. Carbohydrate sugars are important since they give the energy of the flowers. Cut flowers may contain less of carbohydrates whose result will be wilting. You should look at preventing this undesirable occurrence. Put your flowers in the sugar-containing solution immediately after they have been cut. This is done to ensure that the flowers remain fresh mostly. The flowers send to France will, therefore, be fresh as possible.

Make use of those packages that do not contain any trace of ethylene. The sole reason is that you send flowers internationally. The gas is destructive thus may lead to the wilting of flowers and lead to their extinction. Flowers packed in ethylene packets tend to show some hypersensitivity. A person ought to understand more about the effects of ethylene and work towards eliminating it in the storage of flowers. Make use of available ethylene inhibitors to prolong the storage duration over long distances especially when you send flowers to Sweden.